Largest Climate Clock Assembly Event in Northeast India

Guwahati, December 13, 2023 — YesEarth Youth Corps, a trailblazer in environmental advocacy, proudly announces the successful completion of the largest Climate Clock assembly event in Northeast India, bringing together students from 50 educational institutions. This groundbreaking initiative showcased the power of youth engagement and their collective commitment to addressing climate change.

Held at Cotton University on December 13, 2023, the event marked a historic collaboration between YesEarth Youth Corps and students from diverse academic backgrounds, uniting them in a shared mission to raise awareness about the pressing climate issues facing the region.

The event was graced by Major General Gagandeep (Additional Director General, NCC NE), Dr Chetan Singh Solanki, Dr Ramesh Deka (Vice Chancellor, Cotton University), Dr Rahul Mahanta (Professor, Cotton University).

The most pressing issues we are facing are erratic events due to climate change and this can only be addressed by working together. Hence, our priority is to heal our “One Earth”, bring peace to our “One Family,” and inspire sustainability for our “One Future”. Climate change is one of the biggest problems we have, and it can only be solved if everyone works together.

YesEarth Youth Corps with support of Energy Swaraj Foundation and in association with ASTEC (Assam Science Technology and Environment Counsil), AEDA (Assam Energy Development Agency), Rotary International District 3240 and NCC (National Cadet Corps). The event is being hosted by Cotton University.

A team of 10 members from the participating educational institutions will get an opportunity to assemble the climate clock which they can take back and proudly display in the premises of the organization after the event.

Abhijit Sharma, CEO, YesEarth stated “The ticking hands of the climate clock underscore the urgency of our collective responsibility. Every second lost is a moment closer to irreversible consequences. It’s a relentless reminder that we must act decisively, innovate boldly, and collaborate globally. The urgency is not just in the hands of time; it’s in our hands to reshape the narrative, drive sustainable change, and secure a future where our planet thrives. Let the climate clock propel us into action, not just as a reminder of what’s at stake, but as a call to accelerate our commitment to a resilient and sustainable world.”

YesEarth Youth Corps Climate Leadership Program is focused on environment and climate change is targeted to educate and empower young leaders to take action on environmental issues. YesEarth brings in a collaborative approach with various national and international Organisations, to our common goal, to save our Planet from Climate Change.

The mission is to empower students to take an active role in climate action programs. This is not just an investment in their future, but a catalyst for positive change today. By fostering hands-on engagement, we inspire a generation to become environmental stewards, problem solvers, and advocates for sustainable practices. Whether through community projects, renewable energy initiatives, or educational campaigns, involving students in the tangible aspects of climate action instils a sense of responsibility and ownership. Together, with their energy and innovation, we can cultivate a powerful force for positive environmental impact, shaping a future where every action counts and every student plays a vital role in building a more sustainable world.

Dr Chetan Solanki shared “What an amazing day it was! A hall full of enthusiastic students, climate clocks and lots of Hopes for future. I was so glad to meet the students and their response to our cause was overwhelming, I hope they choose the right path for our planet and future.”

More than 400 students and faculty attended the event.

As YesEarth reflects on the success of this event, the focus now shifts to nurturing the momentum generated by the students, empowering them to continue advocating for sustainable practices and environmental consciousness in their respective communities.

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