About Us

School of Livelihood & Rural Development (SLRD) is an initiative of Gyanav Social & Welfare Society (an 20 year old registered society Registration No. MP 12160/03.

The School of Livelihood and Rural Development (SLRD) is committed to addressing the intertwined challenges of sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation across India using a holistic and community-centered approach.

We begin by recognizing the unique needs and circumstances of communities. Our goal is to empower these communities as agents of change, leveraging their local knowledge and resources to develop culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable solutions.

At SLRD, our main focus is on awareness campaigns, capacity-building, education and action programs. We equip individuals and communities with the necessary skills and tools to adapt to changing environmental conditions and mitigate their impact on climate change. Through targeted programs and awareness campaigns, we aim to foster a culture of resilience and innovation that enables communities to thrive in the face of adversity.

Promoting sustainable livelihoods that balance economic growth with environmental stewardship is central to our approach. We work closely with communities to identify and implement income-generating activities that are both profitable and environmentally friendly. This ensures long-term sustainability and resilience.

Additionally, SLRD advocates for policy reforms and institutional changes that support sustainable development and climate change action at local, regional, and national levels. We actively engage with government agencies, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to influence policy decisions and promote the adoption of best practices in sustainable development and climate resilience.

Through our collaborative and participatory approach, SLRD aims to catalyse positive change and build a more equitable, prosperous, and climate-resilient future for rural communities across India.

Our Vision

The vision of the School of Livelihood and Rural Development (SLRD) is to create a sustainable and climate-resilient India where communities thrive in harmony with their environment. We envision empowered communities equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to adapt to the challenges of climate change while achieving equitable and inclusive development. Through our innovative programs and partnerships, we aspire to be leaders in promoting sustainable livelihoods, environmental stewardship, and climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies across India. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a future where every individual and community can enjoy prosperity, resilience, and well-being in a sustainable manner.

Our Mission

  • At SLRD, our commitment is to foster sustainable livelihoods while addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Our mission is to empower communities to thrive in harmony with nature. We achieve this by promoting innovative solutions, fostering resilience, and advocating for policies that prioritize environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic prosperity. Through collaborative partnerships, capacity building, and grassroots initiatives, we strive to create a future where every individual has the opportunity to lead a dignified life while safeguarding the planet for future generations.
  • To empower women and enable them actively in development activities equally as men do to meet the millennium development goals.