Sustainable Livelihood Programs

SLRD Sustainable Livelihood Programs aim at:

  • Creating a multiplier effect on opportunities for self-employment,
  • Augmenting the supply of competent entrepreneurs through training,
  • Augmenting the supply of entrepreneur trainer-motivators,
  • Participating in institution building efforts,
  • Inculcating the spirit of ‘Entrepreneurship’ in youth,
  • Promoting micro enterprises at rural level,
  • Developing and disseminating new knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practice through research,
  • Facilitating corporate excellence through creating intrapreneurs (entrepreneurial managers),
  • Improving managerial capabilities of small scale industries,
  • Sensitising the support system to facilitate potential and existing entrepreneurs establish and manage their enterprises,
  • Collaborating with similar organisations in India and other developing countries to accomplish the above objectives.