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Living Roots Organic

SLRD has launched its retail brand LIVING ROOTS ORGANIC established for selling raw and processed horticulture produce directly from farms

Primary crops being supported under IOFS are Cashew nut, black pepper, Turmeric, Ginger, Pineapple, Vegetables and other fruits
SLRD is currently in process of setting up its value addition units, logistics and retail chain.

Setup of Sorting, Processing, Packaging Unit and Logistics
SLRD is in process of setting up a unit for Sorting processing and Packaging of agriculture/ Horticulture Produce which will be further linked to markets.


Direct to Home Organic Products Connect under Living Roots Organic Brand


SLRD is establishing facilities in multiple cities to supply organic produce directly to the homes of targeted consumers. The idea is to compete with existing markets by supplying organic vegetables with the added benefits of home delivery and competitive prices while eliminating middle men making it beneficial for consumers as well as producers.

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