Agriculture and Allied Activities


SLRD is supporting organic cultivation and certification in more than 5000 hectares of Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

SLRD has taken responsibility for
• Supply of basic inputs & Facilities for on farm input generation

• Prepare the necessary documents viz. ICS manual, internal inspection report checklist, farm diary, traceability system description and accompanied format, policies and procedure for smooth functioning of ICS etc

• Assessment and support of irrigation requirements

• Assessment and support of post-harvest management requirements

• Assessment and support of food processing and packaging requirements

• Assessment and support of cold storage requirements

• Skill assessment and upgradation of local population and mapping them with requirements for the program

• Organic Certification

• Making Market Linkages




Integrated framing systems is a holistic approach to sustain the farm income, enhanced environmental and soil quality and social status of small and marginal farmers.

Why Integrated Organic Farming System?

• Declining factor productivity
• Nutrient mining and multiple nutrient deficiencies
• Soil degradation due to intensive tillage practices
• Decrease in soil organic carbon
• Pest build up due to monotonous cropping systems
• Shrinking farm productivity
• Nutritional insecurity
• Decreasing biodiversity
• Environmental problems

Objectives of Integrated Organic Farming System

• Increased productivity, profitability, sustainability
• Clean environment, and balance food
• Recycling of resources,
• Income round the year
• Solving energy, fuel and fodder crises,
• Avoiding deforestation
• Increased employment generation,
• Increased input- output efficiency enhanced opportunity for agriculture oriented industries
• Increased standard of living of the farmers

SLRD is implementing IOFS in 2000 Ha area and plans to extend this concept in a much larger way.


Market Connect

SLRD has launched its retail brand LIVING ROOTS ORGANIC established for selling raw and processed horticulture produce from Meghalaya.


Farm Inputs (FARM TIGER)


SLRD in collaboration with Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat and ICAR-NEH has developed a range of Bio Pesticides and Bio Fertilisers under the brand Farm Tiger that are specific for usage in North East India. Farm Tiger is proven to be more effective and affordable to the farmer in the region. It ensures continuance of usage of organic methods in the region.