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About School of Livelihhood and Rural Development


School of Livelihood & Rural Development (SLRD) is an autonomous institution working with Government of India, various State Governments and other institutions towards long term sustainable development of India. SLRD is an initiative of Gyanav Social Welfare Society (a 17 year old registered society Registration No. MP 12160/03).

The mission of SLRD is to promote long term sustainable development and livelihood generation through campaigns, publicity, education and action programmes.

SLRD is spearheading entrepreneurship movement throughout India with a belief that entrepreneurs need not necessarily be born, but can be developed through well-conceived and well-directed activities.


“Holistic and accelerated development of compact areas around a potential growth centre in a Village (or group of Villages) through Public Private Partnership (PPP) by providing livelihood opportunities and urban amenities to improve the quality of life in rural areas.”



Provision of urban amenities and livelihood opportunities in rural areas to bridge the rural urban divide, which will result in decrease in the rate of distress migration from rural to urban areas.

Thrust Sectors

Agriculture and Allied Activities
  1. Organic Adoption and Certification
  2. LivingRoots Organic – processed/ packaged organic products
  3. Farm Tiger – range of Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides
  4. Market Linkages
LivingRoots Handmade (Handicraft and Hadloom Sector)
  1. Handloom
  2. Handicraft
LivingRoots Apparel
Grameen Tourism
Environment and Renewable Energy
Sustainable Livelihood Programs
Evaluation and Support (of skill development programs, livelihood and rural development programs)
Skill Development Programs
               Grassroot Engineers
Rural Development and Strengthening Rural Clusters
Innovative Activity Based Education Programs


Supporting Rural Health and Hygiene

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