SLRD Consultancy

SLRD Shaping you with market centric approach

To be socially, and economically sustainable, India’s growth story needs to be inclusive.

However, the country’s agriculture sector has been experiencing a comparatively slower pace of industrialisation and socio-economic growth. Though the region is blessed with abundant natural resources for industrial development and social development, they have not been utilised to their full potential.

SLRD Consultancy Services is growing end-to-end as a Consultancy Service provider catering various government and private sectors including start-ups and small-scale business enterprises. The service basket covers a diversified array of services ranging from :

  • Business Consultation
  • Developing DPRs
  • Strategy Planning
  • Bank loans
  • Support in Availing government schemes
  • Developing Market linkages.

“Quality of our advice is rooted in the diversity of our people, their commitment to our success, and their passion for overcoming your toughest challenges”


What we do?

School of livelihood offers and provides an assortment of Services as single window solutions to different sectors and enterprises by tailoring unique solutions as the worth of your company.

Consulting in depths leads to final destination


Developing Start up/Business enterprises with set up:

There are a vast amount of responsibilities the entrepreneur has to shoulder for the start ups to be executed. As an investor and entrepreneur most of these can be paralyzing for forward movement. This is where you need SLRD Consultancy to help you move forward by assisting clients, execute major steps on the early phases of the business.

Preparing DPRs:

In order to perform practical solutions, School of livelihood will be engaged for preparing the DPR within fixed time frame. Preparation according to the original DPR based on the concept paper, but also its modification/clarification on the points raised by concerned technical ministries of the Government of India as and when required.

 Availing government schemes:

We will be providing Consultancy on various Government schemes with an end to end solution for work units to get registered, also avail the subsidies and incentives offered by the Central and State Government from time to time and will get you maximum benefits.

Strategy and planning to get the market connect

School of livelihood aims on helping clients via proper analysis, statistics, and proven strategy. And every single clients will be supported by expertise to plan serious steps to reach out to market linkages. We will be offering unique expertise that combines diverse entrepreneurial experiences, real business insights along with the practical solutions.

Bank loan and services:

We offer a wide range of financing services like loans from Banks, and other financers together with virtually every form of associated services like consultancy, documentation, business plan, feasibility studies and more that are dedicatedly suited to meet every customer’s needs. Our expertise lies in creating that complete financing package along with superior services specially worked out for every entrepreneur’s individual needs and size.

                                                                   Core Values

Integrity: We conduct our work fairly, with honesty and transparency.

Law of Land: We are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of laws, rules and ethical principals that governs us.

Customer Focus: Client’s interest always comes first.

Confidentiality: Clients trust us with lot of confidential information as part of normal client relationships which is kept properly with care.